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Performance Friction Disc Brake Pad Set 0769.10

Performance Friction Disc Brake Pad Set - 0769.10

Brand: Performance Friction
Product number: 0769.10
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List Price: $129.63
$123.15 EA

Product Name: Disc Brake Pad Set
Brand Name: Performance Friction
Our Part Number: R63 076910
Availability: Ships today

Manufacturer Number: 0769.10
Package Quantity: 1
Unit Of Measure: EA

Z-Rated® is our severe duty and high-performance pad. If you tow heavy loads, or need the most aggressive stopping power on the market - Z-Rated® was made for you.

Cross Reference: 180 00046182, 180 46182, 439 ED769S, 490 2C4Z2001AA, 490 9C402D007AA, 490 9C4Z2001A, 490 YC3Z2001AA, 550 17D769M, 550 18039836, 550 88982659, 655 2599722C91, 655 3599722C91, 785 KITD769707, 785 KITD769AM, 785 KITD769GM, 785 KITM703, 875 1119769, DPI 60050314, FON WPD0769T, FRL 42042269, HIN KITD769AM, NAP 7363M, NAP AE7636M, NAP HP7636D769, NAP UP7636M, NAP UP7636SD, R63 76910, RBS PGD769M, W16 MKD769FE, WAG MX769, WHO W8004897, WHO WCCW8004897
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