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  • LoJack Stolen Vehicle Recovery System

LoJack Stolen Vehicle Recovery System

Ryder Fleet Products is a leading LoJack distributor of stolen vehicle recovery systems for commercial trucks and trailers. We offer the following stolen vehicle recovery systems for commercial vehicles:

LoJack for Trucks

LoJack protects your fleet of trucks and your bottom line. With LoJack you can reduce your risk of lost revenue and productivity caused by theft.
  • Patented technology operates with 12V or 24V battery source
  • System also contains an internal back-up battery
  • Can be installed on: tractor trailers, straight trucks/box trucks, vans, service trucks, and commercial auto fleets

LoJack for Trailers

For Trailers is a stolen vehicle recovery system specifically designed for untethered trailers. It protects your trailer and can help minimize theft-related issues like missed deadlines, loss of stolen cargo and replacement orders.
  • Self-contained with rugged battery - no external power source required
  • For Trailers - can be installed on approved trailer models, including: box trailers, flatbed trailers, lowboy trailers, and dump trailers
  • Special product available for refrigerated trailer units

LoJack Corporation, the company that invented and is the undisputed leader in the global stolen vehicle recovery market, leverages its superior technology, direct connection with law enforcement and proven processes to be the global leader in tracking and recovering valuable mobile assets. This Stolen Vehicle Recovery System delivers a better than 90% success rate in tracking and recovering stolen cars and trucks and has helped recover more than $5 billion in global assets, including cars, trucks, commercial vehicles, construction equipment and motorcycles.

With online ordering, low prices and quick installation, we offer unmatched service and can assist you in combating vehicle theft. When looking for stolen vehicle recovery systems for your trucks and trailers, Ryder Fleet Products is your choice for great service and low prices.

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