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Fuel Tank Accessories - Anti Siphon Devices

Ryder Fleet Products is one of the leading distributors of Fuel Tank Accessories Anti Siphon Devices. We carry a large inventory of Fuel Anti Siphon and theft prevntion devices for commercial trucks.

Fuel tank anti siphon devices fit many popular over the road commercial trucks including Volvo, Mack, International, Kenworth and Freightliner. Ryder Fleet Products even offers Fuel Tank Accessories Anti Siphon Devices to fit medium duty vehicles and reefer units.

Our FTK FTA37, FTK FTA25675, FTK FTA2595 and FTK FTA22595 are for Heavy-Duty Truck Diesel Fuel Tank Applications only. The FTK FTA18775 and FTK FTA27 are for Medium-Duty Truck Diesel Fuel Tank Applications.

Measurements are from the Inside Diameter (ID) of the fuel tank neck. Anti Siphons ado not restrict fueling and there is no splash-back. They cannot be broken out or taken out by fuel thieves. Patented and quality built in the USA. Over 450,000 in use! Installs in less than 10 seconds!

Heavy Duty Freightliner Class 8 are 2.25" ID. Volvo, Mack, and International are either 2.5" or 3". Kenworth are 2.5". A measurement of the ID of the fuel tank necks is always advised. Medium Duty Class 7 Mack and International (IHC) are usually 1 7/8" ID, Freightliner and Kenworth are usually 2". Reefer tanks are 1 7/8". There are no Anti-Siphons made for 4" fuel tank necks. (Pre 1996 fuel tank necks are not guaranteed to be compatible to Anti-Siphons as sizes vary, always measure these models since most will measure 4").

Anti Siphons Install easily in most HD & MD Freightliner, Kenworth, Western Star, Sterling, Volvo, Mack and International Diesel Fuel Tanks, including Buses. Anti Siphon Devices are less expensive than locking fuel caps and provide top notch security and theft protection.

Anti Siphon devices can be installed in as little as 15 seconds and can provide a lifetime of fuel theft prevention. Over 350,000 trucks and refrigerated units have anti siphon devices installed and are protected from fuel theft.

The correct Fuel Tank Anti Siphon device can be determined by two measurements. First the inside diameter of the fuel tank filler neck is needed. Next the length of the fuel tank filler neck should be measured inside the tank. Once installed the anti siphon device cannot be removed.

With online ordering, low prices and fast shipping, we offer unmatched service and can assist you in selecting the right fuel tank anti siphon device for your truck(s). When looking for a supplier of fuel tank anti siphon devices for commercial trucks and reefers, Ryder Fleet Products is your choice with a large inventory and low prices.

With more than 1 million parts in inventory from over 130 manufacturers, Ryder Fleet Products is a leading distributor for aftermarket truck parts, shop supplies and safety items. We serve the needs for semi trucks, light, medium & heavy duty trucks & tractor trailers trucks. A subsidiary of Ryder System, Inc. Ryder Fleet Products is the ideal solution for companies looking to lower administrative and maintenance costs and free up resources to help grow their business. Our extensive selection means instant access to thousands of parts, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. And because we're the leading transportation company in the world, our bulk purchasing power means we pass the savings on to our customers.

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