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Continental VDO RoadLog

Continental is the world leader in Electronic On Board Recording Technology, with over six million electronic logging devices (ELDs) in use worldwide. They developed the VDO Roadlog(TM) ELD to specifically cater to the unique needs of owner operators and small to medium fleets - making it easy to install, user-friendly and affordable. Elogs have been required in Europe for over 40 years and most fleets there are using and relying on a VDO-brand electronic logbook.

Ryder Fleet Products carries the VDO RoadLog and accessories such as installation kits (unique to the type of vehicle), driver keys and fleet keys and replacement printer paper.

By replacing the paperwork burden of manual logs, the VDO RoadLog’s comprehensive, automated tracking and reporting capabilities can help reduce the hours required to maintain CSA compliance.

Video – VDO RoadLog Buyer’s Guide

This short video will guide you through the essentials of what to buy to get up and running with the VDO RoadLog ELD.

For more information or to download a product brochure, read “5 Reasons You’ll Love the VDO RoadLog”.

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